7 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Use

7 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Use

If you want to do well on social media, it will require a colossal amount of time, a lot of patience and a treasure of knowledge. If you're able to master these three characteristics, there's no reason you can't separate yourself from the rookie social media marketers.

To make sure you're using your social media time wisely, here are seven social media hacks you should know about:

Take Advantage of Pictures

As the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words."

If you're frustrated with the 140-character limit on Twitter, posting a picture is a great way to get your message across without having to worry about the limitations. Plus, studies have shown that Tweets with photos get 313 percent more engagement.

Ask Interesting Questions

One of the best ways to engage your audience is simply by posting entertaining or creative questions.

For example, if you were in the subtitle services industry, you could post a funny looking movie scene picture with a question such as, "Which subtitle would best fit this scene?"

As long as this question is engaging enough and you have enough followers, there's no reason you won't receive a few answers.

People Love Polls

Like pictures, polls stand out in most Twitter and Facebook feeds, leading to higher engagement rates.

Polls can be a fabulous way to gather interesting insights and even see what the public thinks about something.

Tag People

Tagging someone can notify those you're tagging and potentially lead to credibility if you're tagging a larger brand. If that person or brand likes what they were tagged in, there could be a good chance that they reshare that post with their audience.

Aside from tagging, also try your best to find at least 15 influencers in your industry, and try to reach out to them in a non-spammy way. This could be done by sharing their content, favoriting something or even sending a message to them publically. It also doesn't hurt to follow their profile.

With this method, however, try not to go overboard as some people don't view it as a good user experience.

Consider a Contest

Holding a contest is an excellent way to engage with your audience and bring new eyeballs to your brand. As long as the contest is worth joining, most will have no problem doing what it takes to possibly win that prize. Just make sure you clearly post the rules and it makes sense for your brand.

Using this strategy, an HVAC company was able to increase its website traffic by more than 166 percent.

Take Advantage of Tools

Google Alerts and Topsy are both great examples of social media listening tools that allow you to see what other people are saying about your brand. These tools will be able to alert you instantly whenever your name is mentioned.

When these alerts are enabled, try your best to interact with as many people as possible, even if it's a simple thank you. Don't forget to pay close attention to those who have a problem with your brand.

Find the Low Hanging Fruit

Did you know that less than one percent of people who visit Pinterest don't comment? If you want to get the attention of a power user in your industry, commenting on their pictures is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. Just remember that you want to keep it as informative as possible and not too promotional.

Bonus infographic:
8 Social Media Hacks You Never Knew Existed - infographic
Source: Nfib.

Social media can be a big time waster if you don't invest your time to learn what works best for your business. Hopefully, these seven hacks can save you time and help propel your business to the next level.
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