Who said Email Marketing is Passé?

Who said Email Marketing is Passé?

Yes, it is true. Each of us finds it irksome when we keep getting email notifications despite unsubscribing. Things get worse when we find a string of spammed emails from those sites we haven’t even subscribed to. Well, there is one thing we will all agree upon. When it comes to email marketing, not many have succeeded in finding a niche in its marketing strategy. And those who have, are still riding high on its open rate success.

Though it is the oldest forms of marketing, email marketing can never go outdated. It reaches a large number of readers and if it strikes the right cord, brings a tremendous value from click-through rates.

So, what is it that has made only a few to succeed in email marketing and others to fail? What is it that others have missed? Let’s open the secrets from that box and take a detailed look at the factors.


First of all, never send emails to those who haven’t subscribed. I repeat... Never! Otherwise, it makes a reader question the genuine status of the company. Whether you have 2 subscribers or 20,000, it doesn’t matter. List only those who have subscribed. Or else, you will be treated no less than a spam.

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Once a user has subscribed, use an optimized search engine for better data collection. For example, if someone was browsing through the category of shirts on your website, an updated email reminder regarding his last search will be a good idea. Also, give varied options from different brands for the same product, pairing options for trousers and shoes along with the shirt. The picture of a celebrity wearing something similar in terms of design, color or pattern really incites interest in the reader.

Always know the preferences of your readers. Most of us don’t even open the promotional emails regarding updates and information. Maintain the data of which emails were opened, which were simply read and which email had a click through. Keep a track of your email’s engagement metrics. Know what interests your customer. This will help the company keep up with the detailed preferences of every user.


An email is user-friendly when the users find it easy when it comes to managing subscriptions, option selection, is visually appealing and has creative content (Your research on your customer’s engagement metrics will be of a great use here). If a user wishes to unsubscribe, let him go. Don’t make an already vexed user more agitated. Always provide a feedback form to know about the user’s grievances.

8 Key Components Every Awesome Email Needs [Infographic]

infographic source: Emailmonks.


Keeping too many options asking for details is not the way. Make your forms and data crisp and precise while covering important points. Always provide a continuation link for the website with every option as it not only increases click-through rates, it also boosts the rate of conversion.

Make sure, every email has a different content. A regurgitated data will neither go well with the reader nor will it keep you among the likes of the customer. Keep your title catchy and the content fresh.

Also, make sure the user gets a detailed email of every transaction he has made. This will be more like a precise record-keeping for the user and will make him feel that every transaction is authentic.



If you want your user to read your email, make sure the email doesn’t reach them at an unsuitable time like at 5 am or at 11 pm or such wee hours. The best time to send your emails is around mid-afternoon, evenings and weekends. These days, people use auto-synced email update on their phone where they get to read an email the moment you send them. Hence, you need to time your click on the send button right.

In case it is an announcement of a flash sale or an important update, make sure you give the reader enough time to act on it. Hence, such emails are best to be sent in the morning. Evenings are a dull affair since it is post work hours and the reader won’t even bother to open your website assuming that most of your products on sale would be sold out.


Obviously, no one wants to see the junk in the spam box. It is your responsibility to keep the format and the quality of your emails right. Misleading header information may result in your email to land in the spam folder. Also, the source of your email needs to be right.

Always give true information about your contact details. Provide the users the right address and phone number. Also, make sure that your website’s name or your email Id doesn’t have something similar to a spammy case who would get yet another chance to misuse your company’s profile. In case it does, report about it immediately.


What makes your user hit that unsubscribe button in less than 3 seconds? It is the ‘Pay for Subscription’ option. Always make sure that you don’t charge your user for any reading material, information, guide, etc. Keep it open to all. Charges should be levied only for exclusive material.

Gone are those days when newsletters and magazines use to charge a bomb for their content. A user obviously does not want to pay for something that is available for free at somewhere else. Hence, give an initial free offering. Only the premium and exclusive material can be charged.


Compose your emails intelligently. Even for an established company, a wrong framed email title can make the user not open it. For example, a title like ‘Click here to win a prize’ is a complete no-no. Articulating a good email also includes staying non-controversial regarding the emotions of the reader you touch. ‘Make your mom feel special’ is not the right way to describe your offer. Moms are special and they always will be. Instead, opt for a line like ‘Give your mom a gift to remember’.

The right content will surely be good bait for better click-through rate.

Bonus infographic:

How to Send Out Emails Like a Professional

How to Send Out Emails Like a Professional - infographic
Courtesy of: Onblastblog.

To wrap the subject, it would be safe to say that considering everything from a user’s point of view will give a better perspective and deeper insight about marketing of any kind, whether it is through ads, emails or SMS. A correct analysis of the user experience and relevant metrics is what lies behind a successful marketing strategy. If you yourself find something troubling or irritating as a user, you should consider that as don’ts lesson learnt in advance for your company.

Good luck.

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