10 Terrific Workplace Incentives - #infographic

What Top Talent Really Wants? The 10 Best Workplace Incentives - infographic

More and more companies are discovering that holding on to their best employees takes more than just paying them a living wage and providing them with basic health care. The bare minimum just isn’t good enough anymore. People who care about more than just the “basics" often need something extra to convince them not to explore greener pastures—which is why many companies use enticing bonus "perks" to attract those people and convince them to stay.

Some of the larger companies like Google and Dropbox offer truly exceptional incentives which go beyond free coffee —things like free food and fully stocked game rooms. But employee perks don’t have to be quite so extravagant to attract top talent. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of effort to show that you care about your team’s happiness and well-being. This could mean allowing employees to work remotely and set their own schedules, or it could mean taking a personal interest in their physical fitness and mental health.

Whether you’re looking for some "talent bait" to reel in discerning employees or playing the career field, it never hurts to take a peek at how other businesses deal with this dilemma. This infographic from Company Folders illustrates some of the truly creative job perks that major companies are using to attract and retain employees.

10 Employee Perks To Attract Top Creative Talent - infographic

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