The 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever - infographic

The 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever - infographic

Whether you are a freelancer, a consultant, a marketing employee, or a confirmed designer, this list of the 100 Best Web Design Tools Ever by illustrio should interest you.

The hundred web design tools have been cleverly divided into categories. For each category, you’ll find both free and paid tools. Illustrio team has also wanted to feature one favorite tool for each category.

This list is neither exhaustive nor objective. However it should help people saving hundreds of hours looking for appropriate tools. 3 categories have particularly caught our attention:

This infographic starts with typography. The favorite tool here is Frontface Ninja, a web plug in that lets you identify the font of the page you are browsing.

Then it goes to Stock Photos, where Pixabay has been highlighted by illustrio team. In this section we also love Stocksy which allows user to download distinctive and qualitative stock pictures.

Finally the inspiration slide provides us with 10 beautiful tools to get daily doses of inspiration. There is the famous Dribbble, but also great discoveries such as Material up.

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100 Awesome Web Development Tools and Resources - infographic

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