Emoji Marketing: Are We Speaking the Same Language? [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Plain, boring text is out. Visual content is in. The human brain is wired to understand images; we process visual information 60,000x quicker than text. When it came to getting your message out during the Internet’s early days, the written word was the best method. But today we receive five times as much information as we did 30 years ago. Today 63 percent of social media is made up of images. This has opened up a number of creative opportunities for marketers. One of the biggest visual trends to take the marketing world by storm is emoji. Chances are you’ve already seen your fair share of emojis littering social feeds and text messages. But just in case you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, we’ll officially introduce you to the visual world of the emoji and explain what makes them a perfect fit for marketing campaigns.”

Infographic courtesy of: Sproutsocial.
The Rise of Emojis in Social Media Marketing

H/T: Visual.ly
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