8 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make

8 Common Blogging Mistakes that Waste Your Audience’s Time

Are you a newbie blogger looking to step into the world of writing to capture your readers' interest, and make money while you're at it? Or, are you an established blogger who simply hasn't been able to make that mark. Writing and publishing content involves more than just putting your thoughts down. Most writers are, unfortunately, unaware of the ground rules and end up making a bunch of blogging mistakes that can turn potentially riveting content into dull and boring stuff that readers skim through and move on. Here are some of the errors you could make as a new blogger on the scene, and how to avoid them.

Not Picking a Niche

The most vital rule of blogging is to choose a particular theme or niche and talk about it. Whatever research you do and information you present must center around that niche. By doing this, you'll be able to project yourself as an authority on the subject. You could also make a signature out of the theme you pick. Soon, your readers will know that they can rely on you for credible information around topics they're searching for. The adage, "Jack of all trades and master of none!" holds ever so true in this case. Talking about a range of topics that have no resemblance of order or connection with one another is unlikely to hold your reader's’ attention for very long.

Ignoring Presentation

Even the best of information will get ignored if it isn’t presented right. Invest in some tools as part of your digital marketing strategy to help you design your page. Try to avoid the blogging mistake of overcrowding your blog with annoying ads and over-complicated widgets that take attention away from the actual content you're presenting. Another important tip is to make sure you include short paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points to break up the text. Facing a blank wall of the words is certainly a deal breaker. Add some relevant images, infographics, and boxes with the main points. Use humorous quotes and clips. If you can add snippets of real-time experiences, you can relate better with your audience.

Not Following a Routine

Once you create a following of readers, you need to keep them interested. To do this, make sure you have some kind of a publishing timetable in place. Use it to upload new blogs regularly. At the same time, pass up the temptation to present a deluge. You might have a ton of ideas that you want to talk about at one go. Instead, pace yourself and take the time to research for material that provides value. Let your audience depend on your blogs for quality and predictability but in a good way.

Not Building that All-Important Connection

The key to effective blogging is building your listening skills. Your readers will likely leave comments for you and your blog, and it’s up to you to respond to every one of them, whether positive or negative. By responding to what they have to say, you can build a connection with them. Encourage dialog and accept opinions. People like to feel important and heard, and this is the best way to build a fanbase. You’ll also get ideas about what your audience wants you to talk about.

Not Adding Social Media Sharing Buttons

The best way to ensure that your blog posts reach the widest audience possible is to give your readers the ability to share the content you've so painstakingly created. To make that happen, install the social media buttons at strategic points where users can easily find them. Avoid the obvious and boring, "Click Here" blogging mistake. Instead, lead your readers to other related posts by highlighting the right words at the end of the post. If the content they've just read is useful, they'll want to see what else you have to offer.

Missing Out on SEO

You absolutely need to optimize your posts so that search engines can find them easily. Add the proper keywords at the right places and you’re sure to find your posts on the front page of search results. Make Google Analytics your ally. This app can help you understand what your audience enjoyed reading, how they responded to it, the links they clicked on and the actions they took. Design further blogs by keeping these results in mind.


A final, most important blogging mistake to avoid - Plagiarism. Never, ever resort to copy-pasting and remember to give credit where it’s due.

Blogging Glory Comes From Learned Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, and as a new blogger on the block, you’re sure to make your fair share as well. Use these tips and you'll soon become an expert blogger with a dedicated fan base.

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8 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make
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Over to you. Are there any blogging mistakes you’ve made, and have learnings you can share? Leave your comments below and get the discussion started!
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