Getting Your First Customers Is Really *&^%^& Difficult! [Promoted Post]

Getting Your First Customers Is Really *&^%^& Difficult! [PROMOTED POST]

At Digital Information World we have set out to ensure our readers get the most valuable marketing content and to help build more successful businesses. Every so often we are approached with good deals that can not be missed and this is one of them - Yourfirstcustomers are giving an exclusive 30% off on all products to DIW readers for this month only! After reading this book, we think - in the world of digital business and marketing you will become a major force to be reckoned with!

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding Your First Customers

One of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis, is the challenge of finding their first customers. The success to start something new (with next to little resources) takes guts, but more than that, it takes an understanding whether the proposition of your service and/or product has the value to get the buy-in from your soon to be customers.

Jack Kaufman & Adii Pienaar (founder of WooThemes), has spent quite a bit of time researching this topic and interviewing founders that faced the same challenges. The products, or what we like to call “entrepreneurship backpacks” include more than 30 quality interviews with crazy successful entrepreneurs (like David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp and Rand Fishkin of Moz) who have shared their stories, techniques, tips and tricks for finding new customers. This means all the content in the book is highly practical case studies that one could apply in your own business.

Once you found the product idea for your business by using the tactics from the first section of the book, you’ll learn the strategies you need to actually go out and get your business’s first customers. This is why the second part of the book covers how you can generate leads for your business and the third part of the book covers how to convert leads and traffic into customers.

They were kind enough to make publicly available some content of the book, to whet your appetite:

• Severe Pains and Badly Needed Vitamins - Severe “pains” that people will pay to solve and “vitamin” products that are valuable are easy to distinguish from minor pains, mere inconveniences and useless vitamins. When you do customer development, if someone has a severe pain or severe need for a useful vitamin, he’ll be extremely emotional and passionate about it. It will be clear that the pain affects him and his business significantly. Why do you need to tell apart severe pains from minor pains and powerful vitamins from crappy vitamins? It’s because your customers will only pay you to solve severe pains for them. They’ll only purchase your product if it’s an awesome vitamin!
• Concentric Circle Marketing - Rob Walling has an effective and efficient marketing strategy to find your first customers. It’s called concentric circle marketing. Concentric circles are layered circles where you have one smaller circle in the middle, and then more circles layered on top of the first circle where each circle is a little bit bigger than the previous circle.
• Exact Match Domain Bonus for SEO - The exact match domain bonus is an SEO technique that can help drive lots of search traffic to your site and help you get more customers.

    If that was not enough, they also decided to share a bonus interview they did with Laura Roeder (Founder of LKR Social Media) about how she built up the audience for LKR Social Media and sold products to that audience. If you like this interview with Laura, then there are 7 other interviews with audience-building experts in the book’s premium packages.

    The book currently retails at 39 USD, with the 2 premium packages at 99USD & 249 USD, which includes specific task frameworks and in-depth video interviews; all available (for a limited period) at a reduced price to the DIW community. So please hurry!

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    With your new venture map, compass, flashlight, map and other supplies, we wish you the best entrepreneurial journey ever!!!

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