The Effective #SocialMedia Marketing Tactics You Need To Try Today - #infographic

The Effective #SocialMedia Marketing Tactics You Need To Try Today - #infographic

Social media marketing has taken the entire world in its hand. It’s an important part of everyone’s life today. However, businesses have identified its significance for building their strong reputation among people.

Yet, not everyone masters the art of effectively utilizing social channels.

Today, you can find a number of social media experts, providing tips and guidance to businesses on maintaining their social presence. It becomes difficult to opt among the different strategies, as which one is more effective and will work well for your business.

According to a survey on statista, it is estimated that 2016 will mark approximately 2.13 billion social media users, globally. Hence, which social media marketing tactics should be opted to reach a large number of audiences? Read on to know about the relevant answers.

The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

Every social channel has its own significance. You can never deny the effectiveness of any medium.

Once you are well aware of the different social media tactics, you will know how to utilize each channel for promoting your business. The below image well defines the role of each social platform uniquely:

30 Effective Social Media Tactics Worth Testing for Yourself
Infographic Source: Infobrandz

Optimize your Brand/Business Profiles

Once your brand’s business page is created on social platforms, you need to be sure that it is optimized with relevant keywords. This will help your page to appear on search engines, whenever relevant keyword is being searched.

See below example of H&M brand. The Twitter profile of H&M is well optimized.

Optimize your Brand/Business Profiles

Learn About the Varying Interest of Social Media Users

Get yourself involved into the data of social media users. This will help you determine their major interests and hence, you can attract relevant users for your marketing campaigns accordingly.

For example, Facebook allows you to run targeted paid ad campaigns. You can target your marketing campaigns age wise, interest wise, demographically and gender wise.

If you are running a clothing brand page on Facebook, you can also target users, who have previously liked certain number of other clothing brands.

Observe Social Media Activities of other Brands/Businesses

Take inspiration from the social media activities of other brands/business profiles, operating in similar field.

Have a look how they are running their campaigns and what makes them stand out from others. Check out which channels they have chosen remain “in” and how they have engaged their customers.

Compare yourself with the best and start creating engaging and attractive content. Below is a guide of a perfect post on Twitter:

How to create a perfect post on Twitter
Inforgraphic Source: Mycleveragency

Contribute on your Social Channels by Posting Frequently as an Expert

Do contribute by posting something of value to the audience, because if you don’t post relevant content, your followers might unfollow the social profile.

On Twitter, you can post more than 5 times a day to keep yourself active among your followers.

However, on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and other channels, you can post one to three times daily.

Also, remember that whatever you post, you should have its sound knowledge. Learn more, so that you can provide relevant tips to your brand/business profile followers. Social media users always welcome valuable advice.

See how Nestle has shared an informative post about Anaemia and also have mentioned its contribution.

Post Source: Facebook

Use Hashtags in your post

Hashtags are essential for reaching your target audience easily. People often search for certain things, which might fall in your category. Hence, if you have use relevant keyword with hashtag, it will appear in response to the user’s query.

Hashtag Fact

Infographic Source: ibrandstudio

You can also track your campaign conversations, as hashtags allow you to see active participating users of your brand.

The famous McDonald’s tagline “I am loving it,” became viral, when McDonald’s used #imlovinit on official social channels.

If you will search #imlovinit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you shall get all the posts, which were either posted by the official McDonald’s page or by other social media users. See below example:

Post Source: Facebook

Avoid Self Promotion on Social Channels

Don’t spam around the social mediums, just by promoting your brand/business.

It has been observed that the marketers post about their product, site or page everywhere, without caring about its relevancy.

Posts regarding your brand or business only on your official social channel as well, is also not considered as a good practice. Sometimes you need to be general like post a quote, something about weather, current happening or just a greeting.

University of Phoenix keeps its followers engaged with its quality posts. Below is an example, how it has addressed followers in a different context.

Tagging will though help in promotion, but yet it will sound interesting to the active social media users.

Image Source: Twitter

Post Images and Videos

At present, vlogging is trending greatly. Brands/businesses are coming up with unique videos, demos and etc. to engage users. Posting relevant images are also worthwhile; it could be funny, in context of your brand, any fact, product image and etc.

Brands also share public service messages as well in the form of videos. The images and videos are tips and guides that may attract all users. It is an essential social marketing tactic that helps in reaching a large number of audiences.

If the media is good enough, social media users are likely to share with their friends and followers. Creation of engaging social media posts is essential for businesses.

Image Source: Facebook

Respond to Queries and Concerns of Followers

Always respond to queries, complains and concerns of your followers on the social channels. Whether they comment, message privately or etc. you need to answer them very humbly.

This practice helps in building strong relations with customers and followers. Its further builds a positive image of your business/brand, when responses are given politely and on time. Make your followers feel special.

The above discussed tactics can be applied as per your objectives. Every social medium has its own significance. Use each platform, according to your strategies. Refer to the below chart for assistance in creating brand awareness, gaining customer loyalty and get ROI:

Image Source: Brand Watch

Effective social media marketing requires time, commitment and creativity. None of the tactics will work, if you don’t put up efforts. Patience and strategic plans are required to achieve successful social media marketing.

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