The Battery Isn’t The Only Thing Your Smartphone Usage Is Draining - #infographic

Is Your Smartphone Sucking The Life Out Of You?

You only need to walk into a restaurant on any given night of the week to see the effects of smartphone addiction in play. People lookup reviews on their phone while hovering outside the door. Once seated, they pick out their menu selection from photos posted on Yelp. And then the thumbs go through the ritual dance of texting friends, changing Facebook statuses, or Tweeting about the decor before the appetizer even arrives. We’re all plugged into our smartphones, nearly 24/7. It’s generally agreed that the iPhone changed the game when it came to smartphones. Suddenly that cumbersome thing in your pocket became a gateway to a whole new world. Social media, news events, “the Internet” existed in your pocket, easy-to-use, and everywhere, always. That was back in the stone age of 2007. In less than 10 years, we’ve become a nation of smartphone addicts. This infographic created by Dialed-In examines some the health hazards that come with being stapled to your smartphone - and the scary thing is, we haven’t even seen the long-term effects yet.

The Hidden Dangers Of Excessive Smartphone Usage - #infographic

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