6 Awesome Ways to Create Kick-Ass Content Strategy

To get high rankings in SERP, most of website owners publish not only quality content on landing pages, but also add epic posts to their blogs.

Today one of pressing challenges is to search for smart ideas on blogs. It takes much time and efforts to find what you really need to catch readers’ attention.

In the post, I would like to cover top 6 ways on how to create awesome content strategy. So, I have tested 6 great tools that help me get different variants and ideas for my content campaign.

Ready, set, go!

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an awesome keyword suggestion tool that in a few seconds can collect and analyze your search queries using its own unique database. The tool allows discovering a set of short tail and long tail keywords that are filtered on the criterion of the query popularity: high, medium and low. All results can be exported in formats such as .csv and .xls.

1. Add a keyword and choose a database language

2. Analyze results.

As soon as you select keywords, you can easily add them to your project and start monitoring your website rankings in all-in-on service.

The whole point of SE Ranking is that once you have added the selected keywords to the project, you will see the detailed data such as search volume (based on Google Keyword Planner tool), KEI, Competition (data made by the Google Keyword Planner), Suggestion Bid (average by Google), the number of Search Results and site rankings.


Answerthepublic is a free awesome keyword research tool that suggests auto results provided by Google and Bing. It is one of the best resources to find smart content ideas.

Enter your keyword, choose your country and get results.

The tool shows different variations of keywords that you can include them at once into your articles.

The whole point is that Answerthepublic builds simple visualisations of the data what is really useful, funny and inspiring.

You can view results like this:

Using the visualization way of the data, you can easily get how to create awesome articles.

For example, here is the simple structure:

You can see 3 basic ideas how to create an article: who, why and how that are connected with your niche.

Anyway, if you are a newbie in content creation on your blog, this tool will help you suggest the best ideas and give you some tips in what direction you should move on.

It is clear in what direction you should move on and create a quality content. You can also view search queries in an alphabetical order. You can easily copy and use the results for your articles.


Soovle is a free and multifunctional tool that provides keyword suggestion ideas not only from Google, but also from Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Answers.

Enter your keyword and check out your results.

The whole point is that Soovle shows at once all keyword ideas using all above-mentioned services. It is pretty comfortable and you can certainly find variants for your articles.

I often use this tool to build a semantic kernel. To be more accurate, I check out keywords that I could miss while building my semantic kernel.

SerpStat (Prodvigator)

SerpStat is an awesome tool that helps you find competitor’s search queries, pages with high visibility and find your competitor’s total traffic. You can also discover how competitors spend their budgets, analyze their average cost and get well-detailed reports on your keywords.

The whole point is that SerpStat can easily and quickly shows search queries and has the filter that helps you sort keywords and short hints.


If you run an informative website and you want to get the overall overview based on your keywords: CPC, search volume, PPC competition and other parameters, KWFinder will perfectly suit your needs.

The tool is intended for website owners and internet marketers to find the best keywords and analyze search results. It has a user-friendly interface.

To create a website content, you should:

  1. Write large and quality posts;
  2. Find the best keywords and optimize this content;
  3. Get much organic traffic based on these keywords.
1) Enter a keyword
2) Choose a language
3) Choose a region
4) Analyze your keyword results

The whole point of KWFinder is that you can get and analyze all keyword data in one window that really save your time.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer helps you structure all keywords and find appropriate ones. It has free and paid versions (the first one is pretty limited).

1) You should choose the Keyword brainstorming section.

2) Add a keyword and tick a box “Tree Mode”

3) Check out your results

The whole point of the tool is that you can visually analyze all variants of keywords and estimate the whole potential of selected search queries.

What does it mean to estimate the potential of keywords in search engines?

It is very simple. You will know what revenue you get from using certain keywords, if they reach the top rankings.

Keyword Revealer is great not only for building a semantic kernel, but create an effective content strategy to evaluate keywords and a quick search of domains.

In fine

In order to create an effective content marketing plan for your website, you should get the following things:
  1. Know in what direction you should move on;
  2. Visually view the semantics based on your niche;
  3. Collect keywords;
  4. Evaluate its potential.

Making sense these things, you can send copywriters the statement of work.

You can choose any tool from the list, but if you want to get a well-detailed analysis, it is better to check out all the tools. In the end, you will get a kick-ass content strategy.

How do you create your content marketing plan? Do you know any useful tools? Let us know in the comments below.

This is a guest contribution by Irina.
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