Instagram Misconceptions: What Majority Of Businesses Think About It?

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Using Instagram for Business
With more than 400 million active users in a month, Instagram is turning out to be the biggest competitor for all gigantic social platforms out there. It is more effective, results-driven and simple as compare to Facebook and Twitter. Well, I am not the only one saying it, there are number of marketing practitioners and experts who truly believe that Instagram should be used as the primary source of brand activation and PR.

However, there are numerous companies and small business owners who are not willing to accept this fact. According to them, Instagram lacks the ability to offer one-on-one conversation with the audience. Practically, it is opposite to what they are thinking. In my eight years of professional career, I have come across and used several marketing channels, but I didn’t see any social platform better than Instagram.

With the help of this blog, I am pretty much satisfied that I will clear all the misconceptions about Instagram for business.

Without further waiting, let’s start the journey…

Instagram is Just a Photo Sharing App

Apart from business, there are thousands of people who believe that Instagram is just a photo sharing app and can’t offer anything more than it. You must have heard it, right? And, if this is what you also think, then it is just a right time to bring a change to your thoughts.

I have become a frequent Instagram user couple of months ago. Thanks to my son who taught me how to use it more effectively. Being an owner of a clothing brand, I started sharing photos of new arrivals and discount deals to my personal Instagram account with some relevant hashtags and interesting captions. I have followed the similar strategy for all other social platforms, but the results I received from Instagram were stunning.

It was a time when I realized that Instagram is more than just a photo sharing app. In fact, it is simply a legit source to get connected with a huge number of people from across the globe.

It is Hard to Interact with the Audience

It is something I use to hear a lot of times from so many people around me. May be they find it difficult to use Instagram on their phones or they are not too much tech literate. As a brand or service provider, reaching out the target audience is no more a big deal with a sensible use of Instagram.

Once I have got command over its usage, I started creating some interesting polls, quizzes and contests. Not only this, I also spread all these activities across thousands of other people by using the power of hashtags. It literally worked for me and my total number of followers jumped from 50 to 1700 hundred in just a short span of time.

If you are not good enough to think of some really awesome hashtags, I would suggest you to use All Hashtag. It is easy and most importantly, it is free to use.

It is Limited to Just a Few Gigantic Brands

This misconception is totally worthless. Whether you own an established brand that already has millions of followers or you just have stepped into the world of business, Instagram can entertain you in the best way possible. It entirely depends on how you are utilizing your business account for attracting a simple visitor to a potential lead. To make it happen, you need to act like a human who is always willing to resolve the problems of his people. Apart from promoting business, talk to them and welcome their feedbacks. No matter how harsh the compliment is, never lose your patience.

The best example I have for you is Oreo. Although, the brand is pretty famous among small kids but it has been extremely marvelous in capturing the hearts of millions of people. The brand uses a sweet and captivating way to interact with its audience. Moreover, it knows the importance of educating people and that is what it does through videos and tutorials.

Tracking Results is Almost Impossible

It doesn’t have to be treated as a big issue. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t offer its built-in analytical tool to track the performance. But, the story doesn’t merely end here as there are numerous free online tools available that can be used to overcome this little problem. I personally use iconosquare to measure the performance of all my Instargram business accounts.

If you don’t have sufficient budget to spend, feel free to use its freemium version. On the other hand, by availing its premium package, you can unlock number of amazing features to track and improve the results. Sprout Social is yet another analytical tool that is particularly designed for Instagram users. It is also free and can be utilized for tracking the outcomes.

So, if you haven’t been using Instagram because of this tracking misconception, here is the simplest answer to resolve the issue.

When It Comes to Privacy, Instagram is Not a Trusted Platform

If you haven’t tried Instagram just because of this misconception, you are actually missing out the huge opportunity to surpass your competitors. I have found this platform more secured and private than any other social channel. A photo posted on Facebook and Twitter can easily be stolen. But, Instagram follows strict copyright regulations that make it stand out of the competition. It means whether you are uploading some exclusive images of your brand or some personal ones, they are absolutely safe.

Concluding Thoughts:
Still there are so many other misconceptions that need to be unveiled, but I will surely discuss them with you in next couple of blogs. Being an enthusiastic marketer, Brand owner and Instagramer my intentions are always fair. I am always passionate to spread my little knowledge with others. I strongly believe in sharing everything that I have learned about marketing. And for this, I will keep writing some mind boggling and crispy blogs for you guys.

About Author:
Skornia Alison is a tech geek by nature and marketing executive by profession. She’s currently working at a company offering assistance to clients who ask, “can you write a quality essay for me”. Everything that has tech in it is what catches her interest the most and that includes ed-tech, social media, design, and so on.
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