14 Do’s and Don’ts of Vine Marketing

Vine is a video creation app by Twitter that enables users to create and share short videos spanning up to 6-second. Launched in January 2013, the app became a big rage on social media podium in no time. Vine has a particular liking among businesses as it helps in promoting their brand, products or even office culture on social media camaraderie. For its short content, it is liked by online users who tend to have a shorter attention span.

For online businesses, Vine is a way of telling the audience who they are and what their products is all about. In technical language, we call it “brand management” which is an important facet for any business to position their brand and what could be a better way to do this than Vine marketing.

So, if you are about to start your Vine marketing to compete with your rivals, then it is about time to know these 7 Do’s and Don’t’s:


Figure Out the Main Idea You Want to Convey

Vine is all about telling a story only in 6-seconds which is short enough to confuse viewers. To avoid mixing things up, it is important to have a purpose in place before you start shooting a Vine. You need to come up with that one idea that you want your audience to take away after watching the video. Creating a one-liner would serve the purpose.

Have a Proper Narrative

To fully put across your idea to your audience, it is important that your Vine has a beginning, middle and an end. Get down on the table and create a proper narrative of how you want to hook your audience and what final thoughts you want them to leave with.

Introduce Your Company

Using Vines can be a fun way to introduce your company. With a Vine video, you can take your audience to a journey where they can see you beyond the brand name and have an understanding of the people, ethos and vibe of your workplace.

Do a Product Launch

Creating a Vine can be rather easier way for a product launch and you can make it even fun with some thoughtful ideas. For example, you can share a Vine just a day before official launch of new product to attract leads. This way you will be able to create the sensation and build that buzz around your upcoming product that will turn more people to your brand.

Share Your Business Philosophy

Be more thoughtful with your Vine marketing and do something that would put across personality of your brand. For any followers, it is not about what you sell but the philosophy that carries your business. They want to know the personality behind those luscious products. Come out of your glass doors and share things that define your business philosophy.

Create Enigma

Today, Vines marketing enjoy reputation of becoming the next big thing on social media. With a camcorder, you can create a mass hysteria of your products only in a matter of few seconds. It has the potential to generate that enigma around your upcoming product that your audience would love to know more about. A good example would be a Vine of your upcoming product which is wrapped in a package or veil that you can gradually unveil with series of Vines.

Be a Voice

Vines are not just about blowing your own trumpet. It can be used as a way to voice your opinions on subjects that matter to your audience. As you share your thoughts on latest trends, controversies, or any hot news story, you are able to enjoy the limelight and still manage to promote your brand.


Don’t Overdo It

Posting Vines without any real purpose kills interest of your followers and damages your brand reputation. So, if you want to keep the love of your followers alive, you must not mess up your profile with too many Vines. Make sure that your Vines are not repetitive and still frequent enough to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Don’t Always Try To Be a Trendsetter, Follow the Trend

Although it is important to be creative with Vines, it takes a lot of creative process and time to achieve something out of it. The idea of doing something out-of-the-box does not always work in fast-paced world of online marketing. The safer bet is to follow the trend and keep your creative muscles relaxed until you really have something interesting enough to share with your audience.

Don’t Try to Share an Idea Not Meant For Vine

Remember that vines are short videos that have a purpose – to rapidly engage with your audience. It is not about educating or informing your followers about history or evolution of your brand. You have YouTube to serve that purpose. So, keep your Vines restricted only to concepts that could instantly get attention of your audience.

Don’t Ignore Your Followers

Vines are all about engaging with your followers. It is about letting your audience to know your brand and getting their feedback. Paying attention to their valuable thoughts and views is the only rule you cannot afford to break as it will hurt your brand in the long run.

Don’t Copy Others

Forget the temptation to copy others if you lack this art. Emulating others is not a thing for everyone as there is a fine line between emulation and imitation. When you imitate others, it conveys a wrong notion about your brand and hurts your brand credibility. Besides, it does not worth copying something that has already created the desired effect as it will only bore the audience.

Don’t Create Multiple Vines

Vines are too short to say everything that comes to your mind. Resist the urge to create multiple vines that will not serve any purpose to your audience. If there is something worth a say, there are other alternatives available.

Don’t Put Vines with Blurred Display or Mumbled Voice

Putting visually blurred or inaudible videos is a big turn-off for your audience. Imagine your followers are anticipating launch of your much-hyped product only to find blurry video and no voice. This can be disastrous for your Vine marketing.

TL;DR, here's a short version of this article in an infographic form:

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Vine marketing can be a big difference in getting you ahead in the competition. Do not allow your competitors to win over your leads by not following the above-mentioned Do’s and Don’t’s.

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Christina Matthew is a marketing executive at Groovy Essays and specializes in generating leads through tried and tested marketing strategies. When not strategizing marketing plans, she writes informational blogs on the topics of her liking.
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