How To Build A Penalty Proof SEO Strategy - #infographic

SEO Strategy : How to Avoid 5 Major Google Penalties - #infographic

Every SEO strategy tries its best to work around Google’s algorithm updates and ensure their content ranks higher than others. In this quest to rank higher, the focus is not entirely on providing value to the users, but to make sure users land on their page only. Tips and tricks used in this process may not even be perfectly justifiable as well. But then, won’t things go on like this, if unchecked? And there you have Google, penalizing websites who indulge in practices like these.

Over the years, Google has introduced numerous updates to take care of these practices and help the users have a better search experience. Be it Content, Links, local search results to even mobile based SEO, Google has tried to blend with the demands of user behavior. The importance of a user and to satisfy the requirement is what this search engine giant has been putting its energy behind.

With this Infographic, the idea behind all the Algorithm updates and important tips on how to avoid those penalties have been presented. Every update is different in its approach, and yet it all combines to just one thing, User Experience. The Ultimate User Experience.

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Shaping Your SEO Strategy In-Tune with Google’s Algorithm Updates - #infographic

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