Snackable Satisfaction: Bite-Sized Content Tastes Even Better On Mobile - #infographic

Snackable Satisfaction: Bite-Sized Content Tastes Even Better On Mobile - #infographic

The instant gratification of a snack is undeniable, and it's no difference in content marketing. Snackable content is perfect for on-the-go consumption: Readers can see it, scan it and share it quickly. As social app adoption increases, so do opportunities for brands to use bite-sized content formats to feed large audiences.

As a digital marketer in today’s “24/7 connected,” mobile, and social media world, you need to make your content available, easy to absorb, and totally shareable. And this infographic from Marketo illustrates how to do this:

[Infographic] Snackable Satisfaction: How to Create Bite-Sized Content

Key Takeaways:

Get your audience to bite:

Brands looking to create snackable content can spice things up by adding a few new recipes to their content cookbooks.

Grab-and-Go: Customers who post about your products on social are doing half the work. Regram, retweet and repost their snacks to save time and promote engagement.

Stay Fresh: Celebrating national holidays, sporting wins, and other of-the-moment events with snackable content is a great way to demonstrate your brand's personality and point of view.

Keep it light: Your audience tunes in on their mobile devices while in line at the grocery store, in waiting rooms, and during their morning commutes. Help them pass the time with playful and uplifting bits of content.
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