How to Create Viral Content? [Backed By Data] - #infographic

A Data-Driven Guide to Creating Viral Content [Infographic]

With more and more businesses across verticals and industries creating content, the competition on the web has become fierce, forcing businesses to become more creative than ever before in their marketing endeavors. This is where viral content comes to the rescue of content marketers trying hard to capture the fancy of modern-day discerning visitors.

Almost all of us have experienced the enigma of the viral content first hand, be it New York Times quiz titled - How Y'all, Youse and You Guys Talk to the latest Volkswagen ads. Over the years, there have been countless blogs, videos, microsites, infographics and quizzes that have caught the world’s fancy and have gone viral.

Viral content packs in immense potential to attract visitors, generate leads and boost conversion. No wonder, a fair share of content marketers are often to be seen in a lookout for content that evokes an emotional reaction from a large section of people.

But creating such viral content is no mean feat. In fact, 46% businesses find it challenging to create compelling content, according to Content Marketing Institute. That’s why we present to you some easy to follow tricks and tactics to create viral content that will help you drive thousands of visitors to your site per day without having to spend an arm and a leg.

21 simple ways to Boost your content's viral potential - #infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Backlinko.

Get New Ideas:

If you’re planning to create a viral content, it makes sense to take a good look at the sites known for their daily viewership in thousands. For example, visit The Huffington Post and study how they create and design headlines, how they explore typefaces and images to their advantage. Notice how they box headlines in red and keep images smaller to attract and engage visitors. Observe other popular sites such as NY times and Buzzfeed to find out why thousands of visitors visit them each day.

Plan Carefully:

Just like you plan carefully before investing in a logo design, site or even business cards for your business, making your content go viral requires and essentially demands meticulous planning. Plan on how and when you want to deliver your content. Do a little research about your audience and find the best possible time and days your content will be seen by viewers. Remember to deliver the content in a format that makes the biggest impact for your brand.

Gather Data:

Your audience want to see evidence of what you say. If you have backed up your message with concrete data, then content becomes credible and sharable. Gather data regarding your topic of discussion. But you need to make a documented strategy to get data.

Know Your Purpose:

Why are you creating a viral content? Are you looking to increase your site traffic or are you looking to boost conversions? It makes sense to carefully mull over the reason you’re creating the viral content. Your documented strategy must also include your purpose. Remember, the clear you’re on your purpose, the better you’ll be able to leverage your content.

Evoke Emotions:

Neil Patel reveals in one of his blogs that content that yields the power to evoke emotions is more likely to go viral. These emotions include awe, wonder, happiness, surprise, and humor. You can insert images in your blogs that pack in an element of surprise or something that people have never read before. Remember, content that evokes emotions becomes shareable immediately.

Stay Positive:

Remember people love to share content that’s positive. Content that stimulate positive feelings stands more chances to become viral. Most readers share the content that makes them feel good. So, keep in mind that shareable content is the one that jollifies the mood of your target audience.

Useful Content:

No matter, what content are you planning to create, it makes sense to share practically useful content. Studies conducted across the globe gave revealed that content that’s useful stands a higher chance of going viral on the Internet. Do well to ensure that your content is aimed at suggesting a solution for problems of your target audiences.

Build a Story: reveals that storytelling is the best way to gain momentum in the ever-so-competitive market. Instead of presenting your business message in routine and dry manner, do well to present it in the format of a story to summon apt attention and interest from your users. It makes sense to build a perfect story around your brand, product and services to capture your users’ attention right from the get go.

Go Interactive:

A segment of smart marketers understand that interactive content is a quick route to virality. Interactive content ensures a more personalized and memorable experience for users. In fact, an article published at reveals that businesses must leverage interactive content to increasing site traffic, engagement, lead generation, conversion and customer acquisition. So, if you’re really looking forward to make your content viral, do well to present your content in the form of quizzes, interactive infographics, microsites, etc.

Ensure Social Buttons:

Since fast sharing of content is essential to make it go viral, it’s essential to put social media buttons at some crucial places on your site. Do well to understand the science behind the placement of such buttons. So, do well to tactfully place your social share buttons to ensure effective sharing of your blog.

To conclude, making a content go viral is a difficult and a daunting task for businesses and marketers. However, we’re sure these easy to follow tips and tricks to ensure virality of your content. Even one viral video or other type of content can do wonder for your brand and bring in thousands of people to your business in no time.

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