Walking the #ContentMarketing Tightrope - #infographic

Seven Musts of Creating Trustworthy Content - #infographic

Did you know that 9 out of 10 consumers want brands to share content online. In fact, one survey of 1,000 Americans showed that consumers trust content from brands almost as much as they do from established media.

Content marketing is a balancing act - you need to create content that's shareable but also trustworthy. Here are 7 ways you can walk the tightrope successfully.

Reflect Your Brand:

The key to content shareability is balancing subjects that are interesting to your customers, while authentic and credible for your brand.
90 percent of consumers want to do business with companies that have values like their own. And brands that target content around brand-relevant events with planned real-time content got 4 times more shares than their average content.

Make It Inspirational And Educational:

Customers seek out content for inspiration and education - and if you can do both, you've got a winning combination. The more someone learn from your content, the more it's trusted and shared.

Take a look at below graphic, for more insights.

Infographic courtesy of: insightsinmarketing.

#Infographic: 7 Ways to Walk the Content Marketing Tightrope

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