6 Surprising Ways To Make Your First Ecommerce Sale - #infographic

6 Surprising Ways To Make Your First Ecommerce Sale - #infographic

Launched a new online store but struggling to make any sales? You’re not alone.

In 2014, 21 percent of all US small business owners said that attracting new customers is challenge for them. That makes it number one challenge among small businesses.

The big guys are struggling, too. Only about 28 percent of total US retail sales came from online purchases last year. Less than $19 Billion of the total $231 Billion sales pie.

So how do you make sales in eCommerce when odds are not on your side?

Use these six tactics to get your first orders coming in:

Key Takeaways:

The Pinterest Salesman:

93 percent of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchase, while 96 percent use Pinterest to gather product information. These stats prove that Pinterest is a useful tool for digital marketers.

Find followers of Pinterest boards with similar products to yours. Find their contact details by searching for their profiles or using Google reverse image search on their Pinterest profile photo. Write to them.

The Twitter Stalker:

Use Topsy or BuzzSumo to discover topics related to your eCommerce products that get the most attention. Find influencers that tweet about them and are likely to buy your products. Get in touch with them.
6 Surprising Ways To Make Your First Ecommerce Sale - #infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Wooguru.
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