#ContentMarketing Tips: 10 Fundamentals Of Readable Content - #infographic

#ContentMarketing Tips: 10 Fundamentals Of Readable Content - #infographic

A huge part of being successful online is making your content easy for audiences to read. Apply these fundamentals to create readable and shareable content.

"The readability of your online content is about more than stringing together a few words into cohesive sentences. Readable content not only gets readers to stay and take action on a page, such as sharing or clicking through to your product or service, but makes it easier for search engines to find your content."

Write A Catchy Headline:
While 80% of people read a headline, only 20% read the article, so lure readers in with a headline they can't ignore. For example, promise (or scare) the reader something, urgency in a headline compels readers to click on the link.

Keep It Short:
79% of readers skim content instead of fully reading. Since most people won't read an entire article, keep it brief and to the point.

Use Simple Language:
Since 50% of Americans adults read below an 8th grade level, keep it simple or risk losing half of your audience. Avoid technical terms and jargons.

Entertain And Inspire:
The most popular viral campaigns have one thing in common: they entertain and inspire. Funny and inspirational content has an emotional impact because it makes your brand more human and relatable, which means better audience engagement and retention.

There's more in full infographic (featured below), take a look.

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#ContentMarketing Tips: 10 Fundamentals Of Readable Content - #infographic

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