How To Take The Ultimate Selfie - #Infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Good Selfie - infographic
Who would have thought that selfies would become such a big deal? The invention of smartphones and front facing cameras has meant that we can quickly take a snap of ourselves no matter where we are or what we’re doing. The word itself has now even been accepted into the dictionary. This infographic, produced by Zippi, gives you some tips on how to take the ultimate selfie, with examples of some of the most famous selfies around from celebrities, but also gives you some tips on how to avoid those horrendous selfie fails. For example, taking a selfie at a funeral is definitely something you shouldn’t be doing, so best put your phone away! There’s even a history of the selfie, looking at the various stages in how it came to be such a phenomenon. Hopefully once you’ve taken a look through, you’ll know what to do and what NOT to do in order to take the ultimate selfie.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie -  #Infographic

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