How Can Social Media Help Your Business - #infographic

How Can Social Media Help Your Business - #infographic

A guide to social media success for your business

Social media has become a valuable tool for marketers, as increasing numbers of consumers are choosing to research and interact with brands online. As the various platforms continue to grow, there are becoming more and more ways for businesses to use social media. For those just starting out, it is important to determine which methods will be most effective in terms of time and cost, so that you are able to achieve the best possible results.

Below are some of the goals that businesses look to achieve through social media activity, and information on how you can go about using social media platforms in order to get such results.

Learn about your customers and target newcomers on Facebook

Facebook advertising is about efficiency, where you get to narrow down your exposure from the 1 billion+ people on the platform to those likely to buy your products and services.

The vast amount of data that people place on Facebook gives you the opportunity to target factors such as sex, age and location, industry profession, as well as favourite foods, sports teams and much more. There is also data on people’s shopping habits, how often they click through and convert, and whether they have been searching for similar products and brands to your own.

Using Facebook advertising is straightforward and spending can be as cheap as £1 a day, so it’s worth carrying out a trial in order to try and grow your reach.

#Infographic: How to earn Facebook ad success

graphic via: contentlead.

Get genuine feedback from your audience on Twitter

Twitter remains an invaluable resource for engaging with customers and communicating with your audience. Perhaps the most useful element of Twitter is how easily and instantaneously you can get a sense of how customers feel about your products and services.

When used proficiently, businesses have the opportunity to refine what they do and better meet the needs of their consumers as they move forward. It also helps you to build relationships through dialogue, leading to a greater sense of loyalty between your business and your customers.

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Research - Four ways brands can build customer service relationships on Twitter
infographic via: twitter blog.

Find the Best Candidates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a multi-faceted professional networking platform that allows business owners to advertise career opportunities. It’s fairly simple to get started on and can produce great results through some quick and easy techniques.

When recruiting, complete a status update with details of your role. This will notify the network that you are searching for a new employee and if your followers, or perhaps someone that they know, feel that they have the right credentials they can get in touch.

This can be a cost effective and efficient way of sourcing candidates. However, be sparing when it comes to the frequency of your posts; 2 or 3 times a week at different times of the day, with a few added shares from your best connected contacts should do the trick.

You can also take a look at your business’ list of followers, as your next superstar employee may be there. The fact that they have been enthusiastic enough to follow you is always a good sign, so be sure to make the most of this method.

There is also the LinkedIn Jobs Board which currently charges a nominal fee for each role that you post. This is an increasingly popular method of advertising jobs, which produces consistent and reliable results.

infographic courtesy of: akkencloud.
How to Find Talent on LinkedIn - infographic

Using social media can be a fast and cost effective way to grow your businesses and with the right level of activity, you can work to build upon the success your company has already achieved overtime.

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