Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Hidden #SocialMedia Features You Should Know - Infographic

15 Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)

This infographic, produced by Salesforce, uncovers 15 little-known things that you can do on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For instance, did you know that:

On Twitter:
Rather than unfollowing someone, you can mute the account.
When you add a photo to a tweet, you can tag up to 10 people in the photo.

On Facebook:
There is a "Save" option in the drop-down menu under the top, right corner of posts, that helps you to save links to read for later.

On LinkedIn:
You can download a list of your connection, and message someone you are not connected with.

There's more in full graphic take a look.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know - Infographic

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