Design And Emotion Trends 2015 - #infographic

Design And Emotion Trends 2015 - #infographic

Marketers and advertisers know the way to engage a customer is by tugging on their heart strings.   Through its regular data-driven infographic series, Shutterstock examined which primary emotions were most popular and trending with creative professionals.

While love, the top ranking emotion, grew 73 percent from the previous year, demand for sad images has more than doubled – a nod to the rising trend of Sadvertising.

Joyous images are downloaded five times as often as sad images; but sadness images are the fastest-growing, up 101 percent year/year; and customers search fear twice as often as surprise.

Also included in the infographic is a deeper dive into the emojis/emoticon trend (searches rose 225 percent year/year!) by country and the impact of music on human emotions.

Shutterstock's interactive Design and Emotion report is based on images purchased and emotional keywords attached to those images.

The full interactive infographic lets you mix and match different music tracks to a video to see how music impacts mood, as well as explore the top emoticons downloaded by country.

Design And Emotion Trends 2015 - #infographic
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