How to Get Your First 1,000 Real Facebook Fans (infographic)

6 Proven Ways To Get Your First 1000 Facebook Followers

Are you wondering how to grow a fan base on Facebook that engage with your content?

Then wonder no more!

Here's an infographic from QuickSprout that delineates 6 simple steps that you can take to make it happen.

Key takeaways:

Make sure you fill out your page completely:
There are 936 million daily active Facebook users sharing content, so to make sure you don't get ignored, fill out your profile as complete as possible.

Funnel followers from other networks and your email:
E.g Funnel Twitter users by tweeting your Facebook page URL to your followers. Shoot a mass email to your contacts and let them know that they can get value by liking your page. Add Facebook link to your Instagram description, so you can funnel the traffic to your page.

Optimize your website/blog with Facebook buttons to improve Like and engagement rate on your Facebook fan page:
make sure you use the native like button and like box from Facebook, so it will take your audience 1 step to become your Facebook fan.

6 Quickest Ways To Grow Your Facebook Followers - #infographic
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