Strategies & Tools That You Must Know To Track All Important Social Media Conversations - #infographic

Strategies & Tools That You Must Know To Track All Important Social Media Conversations - #infographicThis is a guest contribution from Katherine Brunt.

If you are running an online business and using social media to increase your sales, you must be able to respond your general audience and customers in the most effective and genuine way and for this you should be an expert on social listening which means you should be reading right conversation at social media to figure out what are the latest trends in market and how you will respond to them. The secret to excel in social listening is the use of right tools and strategies which will enable you to get involved in important social conversations that really matters to you and your brands.

Strategies to Track Social Media Conversation

Social listening practically allows you to watch over conversations, feedback and comments and in this way you will be able to ascertain opportunities and discover important content for your specific audiences. It is actually a combo of discovering the most effective way to respond and act to specific conversations based on words, phrases or brands when you have intensive insights by analyzing the conversations. There are some very useful tools which can be really helpful for you to measure your brands activities on social media but before reading about tools, you need to understand what strategies will work in the most effective manner.

Strategies & Tools That You Must Know To Track All Important Social Media Conversations - #infographic #socialmedia
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1: Why Do You Want to Monitor?

First of all you need to determine why you want to monitor your social media activities. If you are just doing it on recommendation of some of your friend, this is not going to work because without a definite goal and a clear objective, you will not be successful in it.

2: Where You Need to Monitor

There are a large number of social networks but you might not be active on all of them and therefore, it is really imperative for you to know what platforms can be more effective in promotion of your products, services or brands. You can pay special attention to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram.

3: What You Need to Monitor

Monitoring is all about using the keywords and if you are unable to find right keywords, the process of monitoring will become difficult. You might use your company or your competitor’s company name, your or your competitor brand and product names, popular industry keywords, taglines or keywords included in recently run marketing campaign.

4: You Need to Create a Plan

When you want to start tracking your all important social media conversations, you better create a plan rather than just starting blindly. When you have a proper plan to increase your online engagement on regular basis, the chances of your success will be much higher than the usual. You need to be sure how you will be responding to the bloggers, affiliates, writers, customers and friends who will be helping you directly or indirectly.

5: Choosing Right Tools

When you have clear objects in your mind and have proper plan to move forward into this extremely tough ground, the next step is to choose the right tools to track social media conversations. There are a large number of tools easily available including paid and free versions and you need to choose the ones which can help you achieve your targets no matter if you have to pay few more dollars to use them.

Tools to Track Social Media Conversation

1: Social Reports

This tool is very efficiently integrated in Analytics Platform that provides assistance in measuring social traffic that how your conversations can be impacted with it. This tool will generate an overview of all popular social networks that you are using currently and will enable you to realize what networks can be worth to spend time.

2: Hootsuite

It might not be possible for you to monitor different networks separately at distinct places, however, if they are brought together at one place, you can keep a better watch and this is what will be brought to you by Hootsuite which is basically a web-based dashboard and will enable you to monitor all networks in which you are actively involved. Hootsuite will allow you to coordinate with employees, assign them tasks and schedule meetings and messages. If you are maintaining multiple accounts on a particular network, this tool will make it much easier to manage all of them efficiently.

3: Klout

When we talk about the best way to create a great impact on online social network, sharing of informative and interesting content comes at the top place and this is what you can do with Klout which will suggest you original content that you can share to your audience who have not reached it yet. When you share great content, you receive reactions from fans and followers and on the basis on your social engagement and activities, Klout produces an influencer score to trace out most useful content.

4: Twitalyzer

This easy to use tool will allow you to measure out your engagement, impact and influence on one of the most popular social networks Twitter. Twitalyzer brings 3 different plans and you can choose any one of them on the basis of your requirement. The plans are for individual, agency and business and all of them are available at affordable prices. In addition to this, you will also get free reports to get maximum benefits from this great tool. Another popular tool is TweetReach which will let you know who is reading and sharing your tweets.

5: TwentyFeet

TwentyFeet SumAll is another very useful reporting tool which has been designed to visualize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts and all the other similar networks that you are using. When you are using this tool, you can easily find out what posts, videos or tweets have the capability to grab the attention of the audience in seconds. When you have a clear picture of your activities online, it becomes easier for you to perform better than ever before.

6: Facebook Insights

Facebook Insight dashboard will allow you to access analytics data which is relevant to your FB pages. It is really an effective tool to trace out users interaction which can be used to improve the performance of a page on Facebook. When you use FB insights, you can find out the best time and day of the week on which you your posts can get more engagements.

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