The State Of Mobile Marketing 2015 - #infographic

The State Of Mobile Marketing 2015 - #infographic

Recently, you may have adjusted your marketing strategy to accommodate the rapidly growing number of mobile users currently interacting online, but just how important are they?

This infographic from SmartInsights, takes a closer look at things like conversion rates, multi-channel marketing, search and advertising in order to determine the significance and influence of today's mobile users.

A key takeaway:

Mobile users are more active and instrumental than ever before. In many respects, they should be treated with greater precedence than desktop users. However, the content and experiences they are interested in, for example when browsing for products or shopping in-store, will require a unique and different approach to others formats.

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This infographic answers the digital marketing questions like: How important is mobile for businesses? How easily do smartphone users convert? How can you improve the user experience? What about search engine behavior? And what about mobile advertising?
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