#SEO: How To Avoid A Google Penalty - #infographic

#SEO: How To Avoid A Google Penalty - #infographic

How does losing your site's search traffic and ranking sound?

Umm... well, if you are a marketer, who rely too much on his/her website then that probably doesn’t sound very nice.

Many online businesses, from small to large, rely on search engines, especially on Google traffic. And Google's manual and algorithm penalties are the biggest threat to them.

So, what strategies can prevent those penalties?

Take a look at this infographic from Quicksprout and learn what you should and shouldn’t do to avoid a Google penalty.

Key takeaways:

Focus On Relevance:

According to the former member of Google's Webspam team: “Relevancy is the new PR”. Sites without relevant links are 50 percent more likely to get penalized by Penguin than those with some relevant backlinks, based on the analysis of MicrositeMasters.

Build Brand Signals:

Brands tend to rank better and they're more likely to get penalties removed. Here are some ways to build signals quickly:
• Make sure your website is well designed.
• Invest in social media marketing. The size of your following is a way to determine whether or not you are a brand.
#Searchengineoptimization: How to Avoid a Google Penalty - #infographic
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