#SocialMedia Marketing: Creating A Unified Brand Experience - #infographic

#SocialMedia Marketing: Creating A Unified Brand Experience - #infographic

Need help improving your social media strategy?

Creating a cohesive brand identity across all of your social channels (especially on Facebook, Twitter and Google+) can help propel your business to success on social media while reinforcing your business' branding in the minds of your target audience.

These are some tips and best practices for ensuring that your social media activities are connected from one channel to another.

Find: Your audience probably isn't on every network, but figure out which ones they do use. Make these networks your biggest priority moving forward.

Choose: It's much better to have a strong presence on two networks than to have an empty profile on all of them.

Unify: Unify your brand by making sure profile pictures/logos/cover photos and copy remain consistent from one network to the next.

Tailor: Tailor each post to the specified network. Text updates with links work better for Twitter, for example, while interesting tall photos work better for Pinterest and other visual networks.

Amplify: If you have the budget, advertising on your audience's and industry's primary social network can go a long way toward building up a strong social presence.

Read more tips in below infographic which comes cortesy of Volusion.

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Cultivate Your Audience and Drive Engagement on #SocialMedia - #Infographic

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