6 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Campaign Using Power Words - #infographic

6 Ways to Boost Your #SocialMedia Campaign Using Power Words - #infographic

This is a guest post by Ethan Harvell.

Words have power. By using the right words in your advertisement, social media updates, blog posts, marketing campaign and reports you can draw attention, inspire people or make them take action. This is why you have to be careful in using them for your business. As Joanne Madeline Moore warned, “words are potential weapons so use them wisely.

Today, marketers do not just use power words on advertising copy, newsletter, and press release but also on social media marketing.

In 2014, Social Media Examiner reports that 92% of businesses who increased exposure in social media, received 80% increase in traffic. This proves how important social media is for businesses. And power words can help them get the best out of it.

But how are power words applied in social media and what are the right words to use? Here are some of these words and how to use them to achieve your marketing goals:

Attract attention

Power words to use: Free, New, Instantly, Fast

The first step in any marketing strategy is to get your clients' attention. It can be done with powerful images and design, but words can also be helpful. Using the words Free and New grabs people's attention. You offer something they don't have, so they get curious if they can avail them. The words Fast and Instantly offer solutions to people's problem making it equally powerful words. Who doesn't want their problems solved, right?

Use these words in call to action, status openings, hashtags and photos. Note that these words can be doubled edged swords. Marketers have abused these words, that it sounds like a scam or fake when used too much, so use them in spare.

Go personal

Power words to use: You, Your, We

Social media is a great marketing platform to connect with your customers. If you are too formal, and self-centered, you won't attract a lot of followers. You can turn the tide by approaching your client by using the words You and Your on your contents. Contrary to beliefs that these words make your post condescending, You and Your makes your post friendly and conversational. It helps readers feel like you know them personally.

A recent study found that people would pay more if a business personalize their service. Using the names of customers, for direct messages or mentions, gives greater connections with people. But the words You and Your are effective enough to use for general audiences.

Thrill them to act fast

Power words to use: Only, Limited offer and Ends soon

To convert social media marketing efforts into profits, you must encourage your followers to try your products and services. Words like Limited offer and Ends soon, ratchet their sense of impulse buying hitting their fear of being left out. They would click and buy before realizing if they actually need the product.

Apply these words to headlines, sales, and product launches. Be sure that these words stand out, by posting it along with powerful images.

Push them to share contents

Power words to use: Help, Tell us, Secret, Increase, Discover

Increase user engagement by using the words like Help, Tell us, Secret, Increase and Discover. Neil Patel, an online marketing expert noticed that these words improve a site's traffic, comments, and shares. He found that certain words stand out from others, hence easily noticed and shared by people. Through an infographic (featured below) he illustrated, he noticed that power words on social media change based on the platform. There are words that can help and words that can destroy your campaign.

The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on #SocialMedia - #infographic

Encourage them to interact

Power words to use: Questions words

Question words also improve your page's engagement rate. These words also elicit response from followers. It can escalate into friendly debates or arguments, which increases page activity. Question words act as call to action that engage people to join a conversation.

Question words Which, Why, and How should be used often because they repel one word answers and encourage detailed response. Ask questions in as much status updates as possible.

Acknowledge followers' support

Power words to use: Appreciate, Thank you

Never underestimate the power of saying thank you. Whenever followers share, comment or like your contents, tell them this short, simple word of appreciation. Aside from gratifying them, it also improves your online brand. It poses your company in a lighter spectrum to boost your online branding.

Who would have thought that a single word could do so much?

The next time you update your social media status, don't just write whatever you want to write. Give power words a try to gather attention, increase engagement, boost sales and improve your business.


Here's an infographic, produced by synecoretech, that summarizes the whole post in a visually appealing manner.

Click image to enlarge.
Which words and phrases convert? The science of copywriting, the psychology of headlines, and the art of CTAs revealed in this infographic

About the Author:
Ethan Harvell is a senior content writer for Resumesplanet. He has contributed articles for different websites and newsletters, sharing his knowledge about marketing, career, education and learning.
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