How To Make Social Content More Shareable - #infographic

How To Make Social Content More Shareable - #infographic

The main reason people fail at social media is they misunderstand how to communicate over a medium that’s meant for human interaction. Instead of engaging with a community of people, many marketers will push content out for potential customers and fail to see the social network as an opportunity for pull marketing. The more you can view people out in the world as separate individuals with different personalities, rather than grouping everyone together as a singular audience, the easier it will be to think of creative ways to generate organic shareable content on your social media sites.
Read on and learn how to create more shareable content for your brand.

How Images Make Content More Shareable

How Images Make Content More Shareable - #infographic #socialmedia #contentmarketing
Infographic courtesy of: Getstorybox.

Current Trends

One of the best ways to make your social media content more shareable is to post in real time about events as they are happening. Sign up for live updates from your favorite news sites, browse subreddits that are relevant to your industry and create Google alerts for popular topics and subjects to find interesting content that a majority of the people in your network have not seen. People will be encouraged to share your content if it’s the latest scoop on a relevant, timely story. Your audience will begin to associate your brand as being a leader in your industry and one step ahead of the pack.

Company Culture

A powerful way to build your community is to share your company culture with the world and add a human element to your brand. As your employees meet with partners and clients out in the world, have them post a picture and then tag all the people so your post will appear on multiple people's personal sites. Human beings like to comment and share content that features their friends, family and coworkers, and many of your employees have established social networks that you can tap into by featuring them within your posts. You can also consider posting pictures and video of a fun company activity like a barbeque or costume party, as celebrations are sure to draw a lot of attention.

Encourage Discussion

Instead of just posting an article's title, add a couple of sentences that will encourage people in your network to participate in a conversation. If you communicate that you find value in what your connections have to say, they’ll be more likely to continue to engage with your brand and share your content in the future. Keep in mind that social growth is exponential, and what starts as two or three regular commenters on your site can easily grow to much larger numbers as you continue to promote dialogue over an extended period of time.

Quality Over Quantity

While it can be fun to post often each day, it’s important to remember that the quality of a social post will always trump the quantity. A great way to promote creative posts is to hold a contest among employees to see who can craft the best social media content. Have everyone share ideas internally, and the winner receives something like a gift card to a coffee shop or local restaurant. Think outside the box and you’ll come up with more shareable content that people in your social network will want to be involved with.
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