The Anatomy Of A Perfect Selfie - #infographic

How to take a Perfect Selfie - #infographic #socialmedia
This is a guest post by Cindy Bates.

Once upon a time, portraits used to be taken on the opposite side with the other person holding a camera or a phone at a close shot or a long shot. With the advent of Smartphone’s and upcoming social media tools, selfies have become a common and preferred mode of taking photos. Selfies just like the word itself, a photos taken by oneself at a certain angle according to the owners’ preference. Group selfies have also sprouted up recently and just like a normal selfie they are trending on the social media face. With a selfie, you don’t have to meet any criteria; whether you are teenager or a grandma you can take that selfie. But the question is what comprises a perfect selfie? It is not rocket science but it sure does have some antics to get that amazing selfie. Here is a perfect and most basic anatomy of a selfie.
How to take a Perfect Selfie - #infographic #socialmedia
Infographic courtesy of: ON Blog.

Position yourself at a perfect angle

The best angles are on eye-level and above eye level. The ones that are taken below eye level are never attractive.

Be set for the Kodak moment

Always be ready while taking selfies. A capture that is taken off guard isn’t the best shot. Smile and chin up for the moment.

Check your surroundings

Ensure the coast is clear before taking that shot to avoid embarrassments.

Crop up

After the shot crop the picture till it suits your desired selfie.

Those are fundamental basics of a perfect selfie. Though might seem easy, it requires confidence while undertaking all the above measures. It is however relevant to point out what is required in/of a selfie and that which isn’t required. We live in a world full of critics, it better therefore to be your positive critic to avoid the rage of the critics out there. The below are do’s and don’ts of a selfie.

Maintain a natural look

Keep it simple with the makeup and the dressing. Be the real you in whatever sense, in a scenario where your followers will realize your natural look against your fake look they might even unfollow you in the case of social media.

Don’t attempt a funeral selfie

While memories are captured through pictures, it not a good show of a selfie of you with a frown face and tears trickling down your cheeks. The selfie if posted in a social medium might lack comments and your followers might interpret your intentions wrongly.

Avoid selfies that are taken when you are drunk

It is good to commemorate your day with a selfie or two but not when you are in your oblivious state. Drink ups are okay to take selfies but when drunk avoid taking that selfie. It might ruin your perfect moment after it being posted by your pals the next day on social media.

Get good lighting

The secret to perfect portraits is good lighting or lighting adjustments. Find a well lit area and avoid shadowed areas that will produce unflattering selfies.

Avoid the goofy faces

It is not wrong to play around with your face gestures, but a perfect selfie is just simple with a simple smile with your eyes. Duck faces may come out as one trying too hard, while a simple pose could go a long way.

Play with the filters

Yes, it is good to maintain a natural look but bumped faces can be a turn off to your followers. Filters range and one may opt for a more natural filter that does not alter the authentic you.

Don’t take nude selfies

It is good to be comfortable in one’s skin; however this should not mean that you take nude selfies to show off your body. Maintain your selfie morals and cover up where it needs to be. Such selfies maybe risky as one may circulate them online.

Avoid taking pictures using the mirror

Taking selfies using the mirror limits your perfect angle of getting the best shot. You are then not able to capture the full image since the camera is taking over the centre-stage. If you have to, get a front-camera phone.

To capture that appealing selfie, the above will have to come in place. Take the bull by the horns and capture that shot.

About the author:
Cindy Bates works as a freelance editor and writer at Bestessaytips. She used to write articles and share her knowledge and experience in educational sphere.
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