How To Analyze The Most Popular Content In Social Networks By Domain

How To Analyze The Most Popular Content In Social Networks By Domain

This is a guest post by Anna Belaya.

Why analyzing content is so important?

Nowadays Internet users like to read and create their own high-quality content. If someone shares an article – this usually means the content posted has been or will be helpful to others. The latest news about content is its role within the new SEO standards; of course it’s not only about the user experience but also the new Google algorithm. However, today we would like to introduce a new Ahrefs tool that allows you to analyze the most popular and shared content for a specific domain.

How can this tool be useful for your resource? Well the answer is quite simple: you will be able to understand what is the most or least interesting and profitable content for your readers. Now it is even possible to see how many shares your content received by each network.

This allows you to analyze top content for any domain name now. Consider the top pages of your competitor’s websites or any related sites that have managed to earn high quality backlinks, shares and trust from the community.

How to use the tool?

We would like to show you an example of website content analyzing.

If you already use Ahrefs, you simply need to sign in to your account. If you are not registered, it will not take you too much time to create an account but it is required to use this tool.

Creating an account on Ahrefs for free

In order to find out content information you need to enter the domain within ‘Site Explorer’ section and click on the Search Links button.

Learn how to Analyze your content engagemnet activity and social media trends

You will see ‘Content’ within the left column.

The art of Analyzing The Most Shared Content of any website or blog

Now you will have the Site Explorer Dashboard in front of you. Find the Top Content button in the left column and click on it!

Which metrics will be visible for you? Using this tool you can see, inspect and sort your pages by different social metrics like Facebook likes and shares, Google+ likes,Tweets, LinkedIn and Pinterest shares.

finding top content - #contentmarketing tips

And bingo! We see the exact amount of social sharing activity. Let’s try to draw some conclusions based on the results we may see. As an example we took a digital marketing website.

As we can see the top three leading articles are the ones that contain infographics. We may definitively suppose that infographics is a key element in most articles as visual data is one of the best solutions to communicate information.

The most shared inforgraphics are about the growth of the social media role. For sure social channels are becoming an increasingly important part of any business marketing plan. Consider more social instruments to expand your online business.

social media marketing tips and tricks on digital information world

Any similarities? Yes, numbers! Numbers can be essential to telling your story. In this way your users are being prepared to visually receive and remember large or small amounts of data. The article looks more structured in this instance.

Discover your most popular content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest

Scroll down a little and you will see which recent data is likely to be shared by readers of the resource. Not an extraordinary thing but in this case it is an article about interaction of content and Facebook. Yes, content is the king!

How to analyze your top content on social networking sites

SEO is not dead! If you still think so just look at this screenshot:

How To Analyze The Most Popular Content In Social Networks By Domain

People’s reaction on words like “SEO” and “Google” is still favorable. So use more catchy words that gain interest.

Let’s go to the next content exploring instrument called Grossing Content.

Grossing Content.

With this help you will be able to see the latest content that was mostly shared. Social metrics are the same as the Top Content instrument, but Grossing Content allows to set date range:

Find your most interesting content in last 7 days or month.

Analyzing Your Content marketing efforts with these visual charts and tutorial.

This data allows us to understand the latest trends in people’s marketing interests. The majority of users share articles about content strategies, social network promotion methods and digital in general.

To sum up. How you can use the Top content list and Grossing content for your website promotion?
  1. Create new topics or even new sections for your website and define the best for your future content generation.
  2. See sharing statistics - how many times a post was shared in each social network.
  3. Find out which social network works better for your resource.
  4. Consider new instruments to promote your business.
  5. See which articles were the most shared in recent period.
These are only examples of Top Content and Grossing Content instrument usage. It can be used for any domain name, any business type. Whether you are a blogger or an online store owner, you should be aware of what people like the most about your website. Shares in social networks are not the only thing you need to explore to find out the right way to promote your site. However, this data can be really helpful and maybe even vital for success. Why not give it a try!

In our next article we will introduce two more instruments to improve your website content quality.

Author's bio:
Anna Belaya is a marketing specialist at Promodo International department. Her IT career has started in 2012. Anna is a young specialist but she already possesses experience with big projects connected with fashion, software, digital products and online retail. Anna loves reading professional literature and novels by American authors and is a passionate football fan of Liverpool.
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