The Dos And Don'ts Of Using #SocialMedia For Business - #infographic

Dos and Don’ts of #SocialMedia for Small Businesses - #infographic

So you've heard all about the importance of leveraging social media to grow your small enterprise.

You realize that it can help you find new clients and engage existing customers. But actually doing marketing on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a whole other story.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a little pocket guide to navigating the landscape of social media?

Thankfully, the help is at hand, the psychics at Insurance Octopus have read your mind.

In order to make your social media marketing efforts more effective, they designed the infographic featured below.

Follow these tips to maximize your time and get the most out of your social media efforts.


Complete your profiles:
Make sure your profiles are branded, and they explain what service you provide. Include a link to your website or how people can get in touch with you.

Engage with your audience:
Make sure your posts are interesting for your audience, respond to questions and comments as timely as possible, and keep your messages consistent with your brand's identity.


Spread yourself too thin:
Don't waste time singing up to every social network if you're not going to have time to update each one regularly. Think about what's important and will work for your business.

Spam your feeds:
Social media should be used to inform and show your expertise, not just to hard sell. Don't overwhelm your feeds with too much information though; carefully consider the content you're sharing.

There's more in full graphic, take a look.

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Dos and Don’ts of #SocialMedia for Startups - #infographic
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