How To Spot Trends And Capitalize On Them - #Infographic

How To Spot Trends And Capitalize On Them - #Infographic #socialmedia

Small business can have a hard time pinning down the trends that influence their audiences. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and easy-to-use toll on the web for discovering trends and creating content that capitalizes on them.

The infographic below, created by RapidAdvance, illustrates a few tools and techniques that can help you identify trends related to your niche.

Google Trends: The originals content marketing research tool, Trends gives business owners and marketers a quick and easy way to compare frequent searches and understand the types of queries customers are making.

Trendhunter: This platform offers a deep drive into any topic, no matter how broad or obscure, from 2015 "Pop Culture Trends" to "Carefree 70s-inspired Catalogs".

Learn How To Spot New Trends On Internet and Social Media - #infographic

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