Mobile, Millennials & Dark Social: A Look Back At The 2014 Sharing Trends - #infographic

A Look Back At The 2014 #SocialMedia Sharing Trends - #infographic

"2014 was without a doubt an eventful year, and the social web has taught us a lot about all that’s happened. Whether it’s learning that mobile has officially gone from second screen to the screen, or that Kim Kardashian’s major assets actually have nothing on the Rosetta Comet Landing, social sharing has definitely given us a new perspective on how people understand and react to events in today’s highly connected world."

To round out the year, the folks at Sharethis have distilled their major findings from 2014 into a few key points (in an infographic form).

Some key highlights:

Moms Mean Business: Moms are 8.22 percent more influential online with sharing than the general population.

Millennials Share-Spree: Millennials social activity translated to purchase activity. Millennials who share, purchase 2x more often than the general population.

Dark Social Thrives: 18 - 25 olds have shown a 26 percent lift in their usage of "copy and paste content" as compared with the rest of the their network. However, people 65 years and over are less likely to use the "copy and pasting content" function but 1.1x as likely to use email!

There're more in full graphic take a look.

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A Look Back At The 2014 #SocialMedia Sharing Trends - #infographic
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