Social Login And Sharing Trends - Q4 2014 - #infographic

Global Social Login Trends Across the Web for Quarter 4 2014 - #infographic The Landscape of Social Login

65 percent of users prefer logging in with Facebook on a website; Google+ is preferred by 25 percent, Twitter by 3 percent and LinkedIn and Yahoo! by 2 percent for each, according to the latest figures from LoginRadius - a social marketing platform.

LoginRadius also found that:

• Older users are increasingly adopt social login habits with the over 50 age group growing by almost 60 percent between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014.

• Logging in with social accounts is quickly gaining popularity on mobile devices.

• Of those websites offering social login, Facebook is by far their first choice with Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn also holding a great deal of popularity.

On sharing trends side:

As expected Facebook still hosts the most social sharing activity with 85 percent. Twitter maintains the second place spot while email now has more social share activity than Google+.

For more stats and insights, check out this infographic.

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Here's an in-depth study on how social media integration matter to your website's success, based on Q4 2014 data from the LoginRadius social marketing company serving 120,000+ websites world widely.

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