#SocialMedia And Search Advertising Trends: Q4 2014 - #infographic

Marketers Successfully Navigate the Search Marketing Seas in Q4 2014

Digital marketing continues to grow as advertisers increased spending in Q4 in both search and social on the strengths of mobile adoptions and cross-channel audience development, reveals new study from Kenshoo - a predictive marketing software.

Kenshoo also found that:

Paid search cost-per-click has held steady for most of 2014, while click-through rate has increased sequentially each quarter in its tracking, underscoring gains in campaign efficiency.

Social marketers continue to benefit from changes in Facebook ad formats and advanced optimization techniques, generating dramatically higher click-through rates.

Take a look at this infographic for more stats and insights.
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Search spending continued to grow at a double-digit space, which is impressive considering how big the channel is already. Marketers are adopting advanced forecasting tools to help with scenario planning and budget optimization to extract all available opportunity for growth and efficiency across the major search engines.
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