Origin Of The Hashtag In #SocialMedia - #Infographic

Origin Of The Hashtag In #SocialMedia - #Infographic

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Hashtags are now one of the most popular methods for jumping into online topics and conversations. This little punctuation mark has become the face of online tagging. Many people know it as being popularized by Twitter, but where was it before it made its big break?

Take a look at the below infographic from Wrike that takes a closer look at the life and growth of the Hashtag, sites that support #hashtagging, and how hashtags are used today.

A key takeaway: 
Since their invention, Hashtags have taken on a life their own. They now have various uses is social media, for example, in conferences and events, Twitter chats, social activism, etc.
So the prevalent question is: How do we maintain proper hashtag etiquette? For Twitter, most people say that once you have included 2-3 hashtags in your tweet, you have reached your limit. Anything more is just annoying.
One the flip-side, Instagram pictures frequently include upwards of 10 hashtags, and no one bats an eyelash.
Every medium has different social rules, just as different dinner parties require different attire. Don't be that guy (or gal) that shows up to the black tie party in jeans. Do your research before you post and you'll have the most enviable hashtag skills around.

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Origin Of The Hashtag In #SocialMedia - #Infographic
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