How Social Media Automation Tool Can Save Precious Time Of Marketers

How Social Media Automation Tool Can Save Precious Time Of MarketersA website isn’t just enough anymore to make your presence felt. The digital storefront of every successful business today extends to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not only do marketers get close to their target audience and demographic groups, but the later also acts as a suitable forum to spread the word. Experts believe that if a brand has been able to make a successful presence in social networking sites, they are also the ones leading their industry. Social media can take you to places where you never thought to be able to influence. Now a day’s marketers and businesses needs quick results in very less time so they use social media automation tool to reduce activity time and improve productivity. This is also why social media automation is being regarded as a crucial tool for all web marketers. Here are the basic advantages delivered by a social media automation tool.

1. Set up a social media marketing plan

A successful social media marketing strategy needs to be supported by a well informed and creative team of experts. Further, marketers need to ensure that they reach daily targets and are always on schedule with their posts. Using a social media automation tool, it gets quite easy to have your posts ready and on schedule. It is not just a single social platform a modern marketer targets. Consequently, manually posting will always take time and influence a lot of confusion. Marketers need to set their social media target whether it is to generate leads, improve conversion rate or increase number of followers because the target always reminds marketers their main motto and automation tool can help them to achieve the target.

2. Choose social media automation tool wisely

Seeing the increasing demand for social media automation, several tools have come up as a result. There are plenty of social media automation tools are available on the net but prime examples include SocialPilot, BufferApp and HootSuite. However, each of these tools comes with a different set of functionality. The one you choose will depend largely on your marketing needs. In many cases, you can also go for integrating different tools into one and taking the advantages of both in a single interface.

Pro Tip: Social Media Automation Tool Main Functions

  • Create Feeds
  • Create Groups of multiple social media channels
  • Post Suggestions to keep active social accounts
  • Manage multiple social media accounts from single dashboard
  • Link Shortening tool
  • Schedule Posts on multiple accounts for multiple days
  • Analytics to measure social media activities

3. Link social media Channels

The best thing about these automation tools is that you can link all your social media account into a single platform. Creating a post for a single platform will allow you to make customized changes but it will be a lot less work than creating a different post for the same reason for individual platforms. Linking social platforms with tools will save marketers a lot of time while allowing them to be on exact schedules.

4. Schedule Posts

If you are manually creating social media posts for each of your social platform, it will take up a lot of time. There will be a substantial gap between each post that you make. For example if you are looking to post a New Year message right on the stroke of midnight, posting on each social network will take as many number of marketers. With automation tools like SocialPilot, you can just schedule the message even a week before. Marketers can also use extensions of social media automation tool to schedule posts quickly on a single click of action.

Pro Tip: Popular automation tools like SocialPilot, BufferApp & Hootsuite provides Chrome extensions.
Schedule Posts on social media sites

5. Keep Engagement Active

Social media is all about engagement and keeping your followers busy. Whether you are re-tweeting or planning to schedule a webinar, social media automation tools can be of great help. A regular social media engagement with users can help marketers & businesses to increase followers, Conversions & Lead Generation process.

Pro Tip: Tools like Tweetdeck offer you a timely and fast service to engage your followers from a single dashboard.

6. Measure and analyze social media activities

Social media marketing is also an investment – investment of time, investment of money. As such, you would always need feedback upon how your marketing strategies are working. Social media automation tools will provide you with detailed feedback like how many people you have been able to reach, how many readers have used your link to visit your website, how many posts were shared/re-tweeted, which locations/regions were you able to reach the most, etc. These feedbacks are vital to improve your social media activity and meet the expectations of the audience. Social Media Monitoring on consistent basis will give good output and allows us to change or re-create marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: BufferApp & Hootsuite for example presents a completely functional social media analytics for activities.

Social media automation tools also extend to the mobile platform. Using these tools, several known brand have been able to strengthen their presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Lots of e-commerce businesses also step in to social media world to attract more buyers to boost e-Commerce sales like Amazon & eBay. Since e-commerce is soon going to be a convenient choice over real time shopping in brick and mortar stores, it’s time that businesses understand and work upon their social media presence. It’s the best way to stand above competition.

This is a guest post by Niraj Bariya.
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