2015 Digital Marketing Horoscope - #infographic #contentmarketing

What upcoming trend does your Zodiac sign recommend

What do the Stars say about your year ahead?

JBH Marketing have linked the biggest marketing trends of 2015 and their biggest influencers to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Take a look at below infographic and know, what does your sign suggest for you.

My sign (Scorpio) suggests:

As a confident digital marketers, scorpions have the ability to produce engaging branded content. But the experts suggests Scorpions should not stop here, they should harness their bold, honest style and write with empathy to really resonate with their target audiences. The Scorpion's confident and determined personality will be creating compassionate and tactful content in no time.
2015 Digital Marketing Horoscope - #infographic #contentmarketing
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