66 Most Important Social Media News From 2014 - #Facebook #Twitter #Pinterest #Instagram #GooglePlus

66 Most Important Social Media News From 2014 - #Facebook #Twitter #Pinterest #Instagram #GooglePlus

2014 was a big year in social media technology – especially with the launch and rise of the newest platforms and apps.

We started the year 2014 with a new Q&A platform that is more than a simple app. Jelly app (founded by Biz Stone, one of the Twitter co-founders) encourages people to use photos to ask questions and to get answers from within and outside their social networks.

In march we had another interesting and controversial launch of a new social media network called Ello. Ello.co (currently in beta) was created as an ad-free alternative to existing social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter). At it's peak, the social site was processing more than 30,000 signup requests per hour and raised a further $5.5 million in venture capital in October 2014.

The infographic below, created by HotinSocialMedia, takes a closer look at the most important social media news from 2014. Be sure to click on image to see larger version and explore the most talked about stories this year.

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66 Most Important Social Media News From 2014 - #Facebook #Twitter #Pinterest #Instagram #GooglePlus #Vine #LinkedIn #Snapchat #Foursquare #YouTube #Tumblr
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