Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: #SocialMedia In A Minute – 2013 VS 2014 #infographic

In An Internet Minute – 2013 vs 2014 [Infographic]

"The internet is a wonderful thing, a thing of knowledge and power but also a thing of beauty and inspiration. We are all a part of the internet in one way or another, whether that is via our emails or our social media accounts. But what do we all actually do on the internet?"

The folks at Tech Spartan have designed an infographic that illustrates what happens in just ONE minute on the internet, comparing 2013 to this year's latest statistics, and gives an idea about which social networking sites and tech services are soaring and which are losing the favor.

For example: Did you know that there are 197 percent more videos uploaded to YouTube now, than 1 whole year ago. Take a look at this visual to find out more.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Amazon, Email, Pinterest: #Internet In A Minute – 2013 VS 2014 #infographic
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