Famous Internet And Social Media Firsts: Then and Now - #infographic

Famous Internet And #SocialMedia Firsts: Then and Now - #infographic

This infographic from Webpagefx illustrates some of the most famous internet and social media firsts that you may not have known about and also takes a look at where they are today.

Some key stats:

The first spam email was sent by Gary Thuerk in 1978, to 400 people within ARPANET, inviting them to his company's new product demo. Today 54 Billion spam emails are sent daily.

The first YouTube video was uploaded by Jawed Karim in 2005, which has been viewed more than 16 million times. And now, we watch 6 Billion hours of video each month.

The first user to join Facebook in 2004 was Arie Hasit, today there are more than 1.3 Billion monthly active users, 1.1 billion of them on mobile.

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Famous Internet And #SocialMedia Firsts: Then and Now - #infographic

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