How To Get Your Brand Ready For Black Friday And Upcoming Holidays’ Craze - #Marketing

How To Get Your Brand Ready For Black Friday And Upcoming Holidays’ Craze?

Looking for a great advertising deal? Now it is time to get ready for the biggest online shopping day of the year - Black Friday.

But what’s so special about this day that many shopping lovers dream of Black Friday all year long? Statistic shows that the most popular purchases people make this day are: tablets, televisions and laptops, kitchen stuff, toys, video games.

Black Friday is the day when even Apple Store will have its only sale of the year. This comes as a pleasant surprise as they do not reduce prices even on the 4th of July. Lenovo has also launched its Black Friday deals promotion. So what are you waiting for?

Here are some advertising tips for your online store and we hope that they will help you make substantial profits on Black Friday. The ideas were collected from the most successful online shops: Walmart, Amazon, Dell, Best Buy, Lenovo. We also have some new approaches for your business. Take a look:

Holiday Marketing Trends - Infographic by Fathomdelivers.

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Holiday Marketing Trends - Infographic #SEO #PPC #Email

Check Your Website For Defects

Make sure your website does not have any bugs. Pay special attention to your online shopping cart and payment system. Abnormally high traffic may cause server overload. Such situations irritate site visitors as they don’t get what online shopping is known for – a quick and convenient user experience. Even if you do not offer 24/7 support services, it is better to provide your customers with a contact form or phone number that they can use to make their purchases later.

Create Perfect Navigation

Remember that Black Friday promo will certainly attract new customers to your store. If website navigation is frustrating, they will leave and look for better alternatives immediately. However, you can avoid such situations quite easily by fixing all broken links. Don’t forget to ensure that each section of your online store is visible and in the best working condition.

Use Newsletter And Push Tools

Inform or remind your customers about Black Friday discounts via newsletter. Or you can send push notifications with tools from for example. Also, it is advised to persuade consumers with the help of an online holiday catalogue offering deeper discounts if users take certain actions. For instance, you can offer an additional 5% discount to consumers who share your posts on their Facebook or Google+ pages or retweet your messages.

Don’t Forget About Social Networks

Use social networks and hashtag your promo offers #blackfriday and #cybermonday. Statistic shows that approximately 42% of potential customers find out about such events via social networks.

Make it better for Smartphone users

Did you know that 51% of smartphone users prefer making purchases via mobile devices? If your store does not have an app, just make sure that your website is adapted to mobile interface. This will be useful not only during Black Friday shopping, but also for your regular customers.

Tell them: “Time Is Running Out!”

Give your potential customers an impression that they might not be offered this kind of deal or discount again. Use compelling terms such as “Only Today”, “Hurry, Sale Ends Soon” or even use countdown timer as Amazon does!

The more you give – the more you get!

Let people know that you offer more than other service providers or your competitors. Give them the best deals – the more they buy, the better discounts they can get. Provide them with free delivery options and mini-presents or giveaways. Client-oriented approach delivers the ultimate results as it is efficient as well as long-term.

Involve new customers with the help of Google ads

Even if you do not usually use PPC campaigns, it will be great to make them a part of your online advertising program during the Black Friday preparation process. Why? Because AdWords allows you to attract customers directly to the Black Friday landing page. Sometimes site visitors do not notice Black Friday page on a website. With AdWords, interested visitors will be directed directly to the promotional landing page. The best thing is that they’ll be able to make as many purchases as they want without encountering any navigation issues.

PPC campaigns have even more useful features. You can attract people with such benefits mentioned in your ads: free shipping, discount details (the amount of percent for example), product uniqueness, and banner ads with fascinating pictures of the product.

We have found one more interesting and creative feature for your PPC ads. You’ll be pleased to learn that ad text can now become more attractive with "ad customizers". With this new option, AdWords will dynamically use the product information that is most relevant. It will save a lot of time that you used to spend on changing prices or other conditions in your ads. Find out more about this feature here: “Ad customizers” will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.

Advertise with related resources

If your marketing budget allows, consider submitting an ad on a website like this one:

This resource provides the best deals from retailers belonging to diverse business fields. Numerous ads are organized in an easy-to-read format.

Find more clients offline

Nothing can be better than including printed calendars, catalogues, banners and posters in your advertisement campaign, if possible. These offline ads, when strategically placed according to your target customer base, can drive traffic to your online store.

Black Friday preparation in advance is a proven method for generating huge profits.

Do not waste your time and start getting ready right now! Be the first one, be original, and do not be afraid to try out new, innovative techniques! Marketing guru David Ogilvey once said: If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative. Try to be as creative as possible and this promotion will bring you new customers on a regular basis.

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