The 5 Laws Of Content Marketing - #Infographic

The 5 Laws Of Content Marketing - #Infographic

In 2014, NewsCred hosted their annual content marketing summit which brought together 700+ leaders in marketing, media and technology, and addressed how content is shaping the future of marketing.

The five lessons in below infgraphic come from presentations by executives at Buzzfeed, Cisco, Dell, Diageo, Forbes, RedBull Twitter, Vice Media and more.

A key takeaway:

The future of marketing is Personal.

"New marketing tools are opening up a wealth of possibilities to reach consumers. Better understanding their needs and motivations will help your provide a personalized, comprehensive experience. Companies who get the extra mile with content that is desired and not a disruption will succeed. Brands need to think about the fact that every share, Like and Tweet is created by a real person."

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The 5 Laws Of Content Marketing - #Infographic #ContentMarketing

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