Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn — Social Media Cheat Sheet For Brands - #Infographic

Are you wondering whether or not your company should consider investing in a new social platform?

Then wonder no more.

The folks at Likeable Media have created the below infographic that simplifies all of the pros and cons of the major social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Here's are some key takeaways:

Pros: Fans are 79 percent more likely to purchase than on other networks. Contains advanced ad targeting capabilities for massive audiences.

Cons: Low organic reach (pay to play). Saturated by brands, so it's difficult to stand out.

Pros: Great SEO benefits because it's owned by Google. Ties to Google Adwords and YouTube.

Con: Uncertain future.

Read rest of the detail in below visual:

Click image to enlarge

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