The Art of Writing Better Emails - #infographic

Bascis of How to Write Better Emails #Infographic

There were an estimated 3.9 million email accounts worldwide in 2013. The majority of daily email comes from business correspondence, accounting for over 100 billion emails sent an received each day.
As the predominant form of communication in the business world, it's important to know how to use it effectively.
This infographic from whoishostingthis takes a closer look at how to write better emails.

Here are a few tips:

Re-read before sending. Twice: This will help you catch typos and make sure you've addressed everything.

Write a respectful tone: Don't use emoticons, unless you know the person very well, and know you can use a relaxed style.

Be mindful of Reply All, CC, and BCC: Make sure you're sending the message only to people you intended to receive it.

  • Use Reply All when: Trying to set up a meeting with a few people and everyone needs to know everyone else's availability.
  • Use CC when you need to say "FYI" (for your information): When you CC someone, you don't expect action on their part. You're just letting them know what's going on.
  • Use BCC when: Sending out a bulk email and you do not want everyone's email addresses to be visible in the To or CC line.

There' more in the full visual. Take a peek.
A Beginner's Guide to Writing Perfect Emails #Infographic #marketing
Article hat tip: entrepreneur.
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