18 Tips For Running a Successful Social Media Contest - #infographic

18 Steps To Building a Winning Social Media Contest - #infographic

With the holidays quickly approaching, businesses are beginning to think about their holiday marketing campaigns. In fact, last year it was reported that 50 percent of marketers created and launched a holiday campaign before Halloween. Many of those campaigns will include promotions and giveaways. If you're ready to build a promotion, for the holidays or just in general, ShortStack has 18 tips that can help make your next contest a success.
The tips include everything from setting goals and choosing a campaign builder to creating hashtags for your event and the best ways to promote it to your entire social media audience. Promotions continue to be a strong driver of audience engagement and an easy way to gain leads and sales from a business's online followers.

18 Tips For Building a Better Social Media Contest - #infographic
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