Social Media Cheat Sheet (For Users) #infographic

Social Media Cheat Sheet (For Users) #infographic

This infographic from likeable breaks down the 7 most popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest) into digestible snippets, describing how they can be utilized, as well as highlighting their pros and cons (for users). Learn how to best leverage each network and start socializing!

Key highlights:

Facebook: A ubiquitous global social network used by 128+ billion users to share photo, video and links, as well as to instant message.

Twitter: 271 million active user post text, links, Images, and 6 second videos (Vines) in 140 characters or less.

Instagram: Primarily mobile app that 200+ million users actively use to share pictures and short videos.

Pinterest: 70 million users (80 percent of them women) use this online collaging resource for sharing inspiration and bookmarking links.

Google+: A less-popular network created to compete with Facebook 300+ million users are on it, but many don't realize it.

Read  rest of the detail in below visual:
Social Media Cheat Sheet (For Common Users) #infographic

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