7 Skills That Will Help Digital Marketers Increase Conversions - #infographic

5 Skills That Will Help Digital Marketers Increase Conversions - #infographic
Marketing can have unlimited creative opportunities, like crafting campaigns and content. But smart marketers are focused on activities that drive conversions. At the end of the day, these savvy team members want to see their marketing efforts result in wins for the brand.

Formstack just released a new infographic (you can see below) that highlights the "7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed," as well as a recent benchmark report on what gets people to convert on web forms. These traits are a solid sampling of what today’s marketers need on the job. Look at how some of these skills directly contribute to increasing marketing effectiveness.

1. Mobile Marketing

The average smartphone user picks up his/her phone 150 times a day. Marketers must pay attention to the ever-increasing mobile user population. It's crucial to think creatively about improvements to user experience on mobile. This effort can reduce friction and simplifies lead conversion. Make it easy for customers to access your brand on the go or via apps like Facebook. This skill will keep your team up-to-date with your mobile customer base.

2. Copywriting

Every savvy marketer must hone basic copywriting skills. Learning to write in a succinct, clear manner will benefit every aspect of your content creation. Shorter forms lead to more completions. Clear value propositions and strong calls to action, persuade your audience.

Even tiny copy changes that you might overlook can make a big impact. For example, have you ever considered the wording of your form's "Submit" button? In one example, a single word change on the button lifted conversion rates by 250%. The key was tailoring the button copy to the type of form that was being submitted. That’s the power of strong copy!

3. Social Media Expertise

What is expertise in the social media world? Is it having a gazillion Twitter followers? Doesn’t hurt. Is it a formula for creating viral content? You could make a lot of money if you had that guarantee.

While being active on social media is a great start, there are strategies for promoting your brand. According to Formstack’s research, contest forms are more likely to be completed between 1 and 3 p.m. or at 8 p.m. Social promotion at these times may lead to more entries.

Pay close attention to what actually converts on social media, more than just what’s popular. Take your social media skills further and transform “likes” into leads.

4. Data Crunching

If you can focus on only one skill to develop, analytics may be your best bet. A shortfall of up to 1.5 million data-savvy managers is expected by 2018. Learn the ropes and step into those gaps! Not only will data skills boost your job security, you can leverage data to analyze campaign performance.

Google Analytics is industry standard and offers a host of valuable metrics that can improve your marketing. What pages are causing visitors to abandon your site? Which pages are highly trafficked (and can be optimized to increase conversions)? Other tools, like Zuum or litmus, can provide robust data for your social media networks and email marketing efforts.

5. Communication Skills

As we grow more comfortable with digital communication, we cannot forget basic conversation skills. You may be nodding your head as you’re reading an email, but don’t forget to knock out a polite, affirmative reply.

Most industries send confirmation emails less than half of the time when customers submit forms. Close the communication loop. In the noisy marketplace, this extra step of customer service makes your brand stand out. You will garner loyalty from your customers and that relationship goes a long way in reaching your company goals.

Here's the full infographic, illustrating the 7 Must-Have Skills Internet Marketers Need to Succeed:

5 Skills That Will Help Digital Marketers Increase Conversions - #infographic

It can feel overwhelming to consider all the ways you can grow as a marketer. Keep track of areas of importance to your team and the industry. Always consider how the skills you develop can contribute to the team’s conversion goals.
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