The Impact of Brand Storytelling - #infographic

Translating a brand's identity and promise into meaningful content impacts the relationships a consumer has with a brand. Entertainment media has the ability to uniquely transform transactions into experiences, and has the power to build community, create fans, and connect brands and consumers on common ground.

In today's digital age, people are actively seeking out brands who tell stories. They want to believe in and be a part of something bigger than the brand.
Here's an infographic from playnetwork that visualizes the difference between traditional advertising and storytelling – from a consumer's point of view.

A key takeaway is: Consumers have many access points to brands as they move across touch points; walking into stores, using smartphones on the bus and then using PCs or tablets at home. Branded content is a medium that can be leveraged consistently across channels to tell transmedia stories and accessed by consumers on their terms. It can then be consumed, shared and customized into co-created pieces.

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